Over 25 years, 4-State Supply has grown to be one of the one of the leading commercial and industrial insulation distributors in the Midwest.

With offices in Kansas City, Wichita, and Omaha. 4-State Supply has achieved its success by providing its clients with quality products, in-depth industry expertise, and an unfailing dedication to delivering exceptional customer service.

When looking for financing to support the company’s continued growth, President Robert Thompson was looking for a banking partner that shared those same values.

“We came to Kendall Bank because we wanted a serious business bank with the feel of a family-owned, community-oriented bank,” Thompson said. “Our relationship with Kendall Bank is the reason for our success and growth throughout the Midwest in this challenging economic environment.”

To help 4-State Supply achieve its long-term growth goals, Kendall Bank has provided the company with a variety of financing solutions, including a line of credit for business operations, a business term loan for fixed assets, and real estate loans for industrial warehouses.

“The various loans that Kendall Bank has issues us are the vital life-blood of all our business operations and long-term growth strategy,” Thompson said. “We recommend Kendall Bank to any business owner or individual serious about the treatment of their financial affairs. No matter what side of the balance sheet you are working on, Kendall Bank will take you seriously.”

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