Supplytronics refurbishes and redistributes pre-owned mobile devices online, shipping more than 15,000 devices a month across the United States.

To help drive the company’s continued growth, Oliver Gans, owner of Supplytronics, turned to Kendall Bank to get the capital needed to expand inventory and manage general operating expenses.

I have worked with Kyle Knoth (Senior Vice President of Lending at Kendall Bank) for many years,” Gans said. “He is flexible and really understands the needs of my business. He takes time and effort to make sure the solutions the bank offers meet our needs.”

“Business owners have a lot of competing priorities,” Knoth said. “Our goal is to make the funding process as simple as possible — keeping them focused on moving their businesses forward — while ensuring they get the best funding options available.”

Guiding the business through every step of the loan application process, Kendall Bank was able to get Supplytronics approved within just three weeks.

“Kendall Bank works to really understand your business and help you through every phase of the process,” Gans said. “They’re a great partner for any business looking to grow.”

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